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Finest Properties Turkey |  Feinste Immobilien Türkei

Cem Özdel

CEM ÖZDEL has lived 50 years in Germany and therefore knows very well the German culture with all its facets. School, high school, training and studies in Civil Engineering in Germany have shaped its European mindset. Thus, the claims of potential customers from Germany and other European countries are well known to him.

Immediately after studying civil engineering with a focus on Construction and Management is the leap into self-employment. Freelancers activities as a moderator lead to the establishment of a marketing agency in 1989. The agency JIMMY OEZDEL MANAGEMENT established itself in a very short time in event marketing and also convinced major customers such as TUI, MEDIA MARKT, SATURN, JAGUAR, BMW, PORSCHE, AUDI, ECE , COCA COLA, etc. in the corporate portfolio.

As of 2000, his activity is expanded regionally and internationally through technical marketing activities and the leadership qualities in sales development and coaching. Further follow orders for the creation and implementation of marketing concepts in various industries.

Back in 2005, CEM ÖZDEL recognizes the tendency of video presence on the Internet. 2006, the life and work center is moved to Mallorca. Here, the production and marketing of sales videos is started for high-quality real estate, yachts and gastronomy. Following are increasingly business inquiries from Germany. End of 2008 will return with customer-bookings for the full portfolio of the agency. The referral marketing *accesses* and an expert status developed in video marketing in different industries...

In October 2012, there is no more resist aginst the inclination to live and work in the Mediterranean region. Thus, CEM ÖZDEL together with his wife KERSTIN, shifted the center of life to Alanya / Turkey. He is recruited here for a real estate company as Sales & Marketing and Deputy Managing Director. This Part develops after 30 years of business independence to the *Interim management*... So the PRE-LAUNCH and the re-activation of their own agency could't let wait any longer...

From 1 May 2013, the visionary is completely available with his marketing agency *VISIONS OF LIFE | marketing & pr* and it's innovative marketing solutions for all potential customers in Alanya / Antalya, who are attentive to the also unique innovativ marketing concepts...

From 01 September 2013 VISIONS OF LIFE marketing & pr is dedicated by a Swiss investor for his Turkish real estate company PHA. The order volume extends across all marketing and sales activities, Website Creation, SEO, video productions, social media marketing up to team coaching & training. On 01 October 2013, that part will be expanded to take over the management. In this context, CEM ÖZDEL takes part in several real estate brokers as well as management training courses with diploma to expand his knowledge in the Turkish business world.

From 1 October 2014 VISIONS OF LIFE marketing & pr grows up VISIONS OF LIFE Group. Under this company name and in addition to the core competencies already mentioned here also the following range of services are now available: Real Estate Marketing / Management, Business Start-Ups in Turkey as well as marketing and sales, including the sales structure of a variable product from the photo-printing industry.

CEM ÖZDEL offers companies in differents industries its know-how and expertise as a special agency service line (VISIONS OF LIFE Group) in performance modules or in the shape of Interim Management. Potential companies should be both in the communicative and organizational workflows modern and open to new media and marketing strategies which trigger the relevant response of their customers in their basic settings.

"On such strategies and solutions I have specialized me personally for many years, thereby also accompanied several companies successfully up to their awards.


As my special skills, I can define:
Leadership qualities, management, marketing strategies, foreign languages: German + Turkish as their native language in addition to English, Spanish and French, communication, correspondence, ccquisition in any form, negotiation activities, presentation, concept development, layout, design, web administration, video production, contact person for Press and media, further excellent PC skills in MICROSOFT OFFICE, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, different CMS Sytems for Webdesign, SEO and Internet affinity ..."

Innovations are the strengths of the owner-managed Company VISIONS OF LIFE Group, together at the top with his wife KERSTIN ÖZDEL. The two *May-Bulls*, defining also the company logo, live work-life balance life in perfection. So both enjoy addition to successive 12 to 18 hours working per day also some free days, which need not necessarily fall on a Sunday. "THAT only works when you're having fun at your job", underlines CEM ÖZDEL.


Mission Statement: The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it is and still hopethat something will change.

(Albert Einstein)


For more informations:

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Kerstin Özdel

The interesting mix of common sense, a fine nose for feasible ideas, the special eye for design combined with the heart in the right place is reflected in the work of KERSTIN ÖZDEL again.

Due to more exciting prospects in 2006 brings a massive change in thinking and acting with them. After intensive research of emigration from Germany and a vocational restart nothing stands in the way. The adopted country: Spain / Mallorca...! With the successful and already existing in Germany for 30 years marketing agency of her husband CEM ÖZDEL, together starts the *Project Mallorca*! The new Agency Name VISIONS OF LIFE marketing & pr should be program for client and agency chiefs! The agency focus on Mallorca is on selling videos in the real estate sector, with yachts and corporate videos for hotels, restaurants and service companies.

Since than under the slogan: *We transport visions to reality...*, a variety of clients across diverse markets satisfied!

During this time, Kerstin ÖZDEL specializes in the optimal staging of homes, hotels and other hospitality industry, the so-called *Home Staging*. Another focus is located in the attractive promotional and design of exposés.

Due to the high demand from Germany to the Agency services of VISIONS OF LIFE, in 2008 the next way leads to the location Koblenz/Germany. The agency portfolio are various service providers in the industry and tourism in the foreground here.

In addition to the strong interest by corporate videos the question of further marketing technical support are provided by the customer again and again. Now KERSTIN ÖZDEL finds her calling and designed with enthusiasm and a good flair for attractive design informative and user-friendly websites.

After 4 years Germany it is again time for the *migratory birds*: southworth again... - this time on the Turkish Riviera. Two real estate companies entrust the Agency with the area marketing assistance in business development, employee coaching and office organization. This has been successfully implemented in the form of an interim management. Parallel KERSTIN ÖZDEL support a German-language glossy magazine with professional and editorially revised contributions in text and image. These activities also resulted an internationally valid press card that opens many doors.

A new positioning of the agency on 1/10/2014 leaves the VISIONS OF LIFE Group arise. Here compressed knowledge in all technical areas of marketing are bundled with personal experience abroad. Thus results in the project:


where in addition to company founders, startups and Turkey enthusiasts this expertise is made available to provide support.

Resulting from the love of the staging beautiful properties results the project: FINEST PROPERTIES TURKEY


Here now selected real estate in Turkey will be offered in a limited and exclusive portfolio.


Mission statement: *Do what is necessary, then what is possible and suddenly you reach the impossible ...*

Türkei Immobilien,Immobilien Türkei,Türkische Riviera,Ägäis,Property in Turkey, Properties in Turkey,Alanya Properties,Turkish Riviera,Turkey Properties,Villa
Türkei Immobilien,Immobilien Türkei,Türkische Riviera,Ägäis,Property in Turkey, Properties in Turkey,Alanya Properties,Turkish Riviera,Turkey Properties,Villa
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